Cranial Balancing

Craniosacral and Sacro Occipital techniques are two different systems which address distortion of the cranial vault, the protective bony structures that surround the brain.  Cranial bones meet at sutures, irregularity of which can produce tenderness upon being touched.  Cranial distortions are implicated in compromised concentration, focus, and memory as well as fatigue, allergies, and soft neurological signs. Emotional lability is often associated with cranial faults; states of anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and emotional flux can be calmed as cranial motion is restored and cerebrospinal fluid flows as nature intended.  This type of treatment is particularly effective for relieving stress, emotional and physical exhaustion and sleep disturbances, and for children and those who cannot handle massage or physical manipulation. Birth trauma is often the first cause of cranial issues.  Falls, sports injuries, accidents and head trauma all add distortions locally and distant to the point of impact.

The bones of the cranial vault, which surround the brain, have been falsely considered immovable by anatomists.  It took a neurosurgeon to observe fine movements of the dura mater, attached to the cranial bones, and describe the methods of cranial motion. The techniques utilized to make corrections are non-force and use the breath and gentle pressures to restore motion and cerebrospinal fluid flow.

Cranial Bones